We've spent the last six months developing the best (if we do say so ourselves

😊) cycling pants on the market. They look damn good and at the same time fantastic to ride in.

Technical info about the pad

MUSTANG is a performance pillow with a dynamic traditional design. The design has been developed with the concept of zero friction, smooth transitions between foam levels, 3D wings and ergonomic shape.

This model is recommended for riders who make the highest demands: it has our Pro EVO foam, with high density and lifting capacity and new recycled material Re-cycle. The pillow has a 3 mm perforation on the top layer to ensure good ventilation and quick drying.

See them here: https://www.es16.dk/collections/cykelbukser/products/es16-cykelbukser-tempus-new

21. December, 2021 — Thomas Dybdahl

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