New clothes collaboration with the Ultra athlete Rasmus Appelt Winther, who will soon run the Race around the Netherlands 1890 km. Thanks for the coffee

Rasmus pronounces:

I make high demands on all the equipment I use because during a race there is no time to mess around with things that don't work everything has been tested and tested because the smallest mistake can cost you the winning participation during the race.
Race around the netherlands can offer all kinds of weather and so it is important to be dressed for it. That's why I'm very happy that ES16 has taken up the challenge of delivering a complete series of clothes that can be used in all imaginable weather conditions. In the picture, however, it is only the short version, but there will also be a long version, rain jacket and wind vest. I can't wait for it all to come home and I can try it out before I leave.
Thanks for good guidance and good cooperation to Thomas from ES16.


23. February, 2022 — Thomas Dybdahl

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